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If you are looking for a referral in NJ, you can post the inquiry here. This forum is never intended as a place for supervision or consultation on clients. Posts by members of individual cases or referrals with identifying details will be prohibited, and they will be immediately deleted by the NJAPT board members. Repeated offenses by the same member may result in blocking their access to the forum.

Job Posting:
If you or your place of employment has an opening position for a play therapist in NJ, please post the listing here. Please provide contact information so that interested
individuals can reach out to you further inquiry.

There is so much information that can be beneficial for NJAPT members such as trainings, workshops, books, websites, podcasts etc. We trust your recommendation! If you have any resources that you would like to share with NJAPT members, please post it here (please post only information related to play therapy practice). You are welcome to market your training or play therapy related products here.

We know being a play therapist is a wonderful career but we also know that it is not always easy. Learning about and feeling the pain of children and their caregivers, feeling not competent enough to help them… Sometimes we just want to hear “you are doing your best” “you are working hard…” “you are more than good enough…” Well… here is the place. Please post anything that can encourage play therapists in NJ (inspirational quotes, poems, pictures, motivational words etc.). Please do not post anything that your clients created.

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